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Gstaad Shopping

Awesome Shopping in Gstaad

Gstaad: fantastic alpine air, breathtaking views, and “luxury vibes.” There is no better place for skiing. There is no better place for “apres ski.” And, as it occurred, there is no better place for shopping if you are a “moderate shopaholic” with an exquisite taste for life.

What is bohemian chic style?

What is bohemian chic style?

No matter what fashion trend fan you are, it will be interesting to learn some not widely known facts about one of the most popular styles that have existed for centuries. The boho chic will surprise, intrigue, and captivate you. And, probably, you’ll join the club of its numerous devoted followers.

More Than Ever – Stronger Together

I’ve been away from you for far too long, but here I am, as cheerful as always! Positive and looking ahead to a wonderful summer…

Maybe, to the skating rink?

What to wear to the skating rink?

Velvet is the new must-have!

Discover a real Velvet heaven at Marina Anouilh!

What to wear on Christmas evening?

Choose your perfect Christmas outfit with Marina Anouilh Gstaad!

It’s getting cold outside

Every day it’s getting colder outside on the streets. Here’s a short selection of items that will not let you freeze this cold season!

What to pack in your suitcase for a romantic get-away?

Out of sight, romantic get-away in my mind!

Where and how did it all start?

Opening of a Marina Anouilh Gstaad corner at Bongénie in Geneva!


Colors are needed to lift us up, our face and our spirit!

Funky Forty Interview


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Jewels are a girl’s best friends

Out of sight, Jewels in my mind!


Why hats are necessary for your wardrobe?

Hats do not suit everybody, but I have your ‘perfect match’.


It’s often the smallest details that bring a piece to life.


I’m an artist in spirit and character.


I love to be dressed in timeless style and elegance with the extra spice that Marina brings to any outfit!


Elegance is a behavior, a vision of life, a state of mind.


Dressing is a form of self expression with the world. You can decide to stand out or be more subdued. To each her own! I tend to like soft fabrics, velvet, silk, and prefer quality over quantity.


Fashion is fun!


I love to discover beauty step away from the main roads and look for special gems.


I am gregarious but not ‘show off’.

Going to the beach: Bags & Shoes

Which bags and shoes to choose to go to the beach.

Going to the beach: Hats & Scarves

Which accessories to choose to go to the beach.

Going to the beach: Dresses & Rose Carmine

Which Dresses and Rose Carmine pieces to choose to go to the beach.

My Signature Denim Jeans

Discover My New Signature Denim Jeans!

The Marrakesh Denim Jacket by Marina Anouilh

Discover the new Marrakesh Denim Jacket by Marina Anouilh.

Introducing Home Decor by ANNKA

Home decor by Annka Design at the Marina Anouilh Store!

White Shirts as Daily Uniforms

Why White Shirts by Marina Anouilh are ideal partners in your daily life.

Why I Started My Own Collection

The reason I started my own collection and my vision on women style.

Discover the Iconic ‘Marina’ Dress

The iconic and absolutely timeless ‘Marina Dress’ by Marina Anouilh.

Eclectic and Feminine Talismans by Mandalau

Mandalau jewelry Talismans collection by Sandra Smadja.

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