Women of Style


– Favorite place?

Planet earth

– What is fashion to you?

Self Expression

– Name a chic woman?

The Bovier sisters, Jacqueline Kennedy and her sister Lee Radziwill.

– What is an elegance to you?

From within.

– Hobbies?

Anything where my mind and body are working together.

– Your favorite painter?

The one I encountered last so for today it’s a Sudanese artist called Salah el Murr.

– Favorite music?

Latino of any kind makes me happy.

– Animals?


– City or country?


– Sea or mountain?

Almost equals but sea wins

– Sparkly or tonal? Both?


– Muted colors, bright colors, or both?


– Heels or flats?

Flats for day heels for the night but yet again depends on my mood !!

-What is your favorite piece from the Marina Anouilh collection?

Sylvinha Jumpsuit