Funky Forty Interview

1)When did you realize that you were interested in blogging? 

I realized at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015

2)How did you start your blog

I started with three posts and I asked my best friends if I should post 4 pictures of me and they all said that I should chop my head off, at which point I decided if I’m going to do a blog I mustn’t ask anybody I must just do it. 

3)What difficulties have you encountered? (If there were any) 

In the beginning, it was getting people to take me seriously. Many people still think this is a job that doesn’t need to be paid.


It was difficult for others to see what I was doing and the real value add. Many people used to think you are strange if you say you are a Blogger. Initially my family too but this has since turned around and they are super proud of me and what I have achieved.

5) Does your daughter help you with blogging? 

She is very busy getting her goals in life in order, with lots of studying and research being done. So it’s not so easy for her to devote too much time to help me but she has taken the odd photo and comes on a trip with me at least 1- 2 times a year. These are super cute Mother/Daughter moments.

6)You travel quite a lot. Which of the countries you visited you remember the most and why? 

My press trips to Singapore have both been amazing. We did so many things in a few days. I’ve always loved Singapore and gotten to know it so well from different aspects. There is a special place in my heart for Singapore – perhaps too it’s because my first trip there was when I was 14 and now one of my best friends lives there – always another reason to visit.

7)Which country would you like to visit the most where you haven’t been yet? 

There are so many places. I would like to go to the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Mexico, Africa and do an African safari, Vietnam… the list goes on.

8)What’s the next trip? Do you have a plan already? 

Tomorrow, I mean today, I’m going to Bern. And when travel restrictions are over, (i.e. the minute I can), I will go back to New Zealand to visit my mom.

9)One of your blog categories is recipes. You love cooking. Have you been passionate about it since childhood? And why blogging about food? 

Yes, I love to cook. And I’m famous among my friends for my cooking. At first, they all wanted me to start a food blog, not a fashion/lifestyle blog. My father was a well-known pastry chef in New Zealand. Hence mainly sweet food on FunkyForty.com as a tribute in memory of him.

10)Based on the previous question, do you prefer restaurant or home-cooked food? 

I love going to restaurants, nice restaurants because you get ideas of new things to cook.

11)There are also car reviews on your blog which was something that surprised me. Why cars? Where does it come from? 

I don’t normally publish this but I’m a baby petrol head. I even have my own racing helmet and have driven on race tracks. Although these days I prefer to photograph than drive on the race track itself. I’ve always loved cars starting with my own matchbox collection as a child and yes I drive a Porsche. I have done it for many years but I keep it quiet. There’s something about not telling all.

12)You also give a lot of tips about maintaining health. Which lifestyle is preferable for you? Some people love to do exercise, some don’t do any and take pills instead.

I would say exercise, healthy food, and a positive mindset are the three key elements to maintaining a healthy life and aging well.

I also believe in supplements. My husband has an aunt who is 91 and top fit. Having seen her take many supplements over the years I now believe they really do help. 

13)You do sports? 

Yes, I do.

14)What sports besides racing? 

I haven’t done any car racing for a long time. I go running about three times a week and once a week I go to an indoor cycling class.

15)What are the three most important life hacks for maintaining health that you can highlight based on your own experience? 

Oh, yes, so there’s sports, eating well, and having a positive outlook on life. I think these are seriously important.

16)How does your day start? What are three things you do in the morning? 

I drink a cup of hot water which my husband gives me, shower and then I do my Instagram.

17)Who is a chic woman for you? And what is a chic woman for you? 

A chic woman is a woman who has her own style. She is just a stylish woman. She doesn’t necessarily have to follow fashion… I think Marina is a very chic woman.

18)What is fashion for you? How would you define fashion? 

I think fashion is comparable to art in a way. There is always something changing, something new and yet it repeats at the same time. Different trends repeat years later. It’s a way in which people can express themselves, a way of expressing your personality.

19)Who is your favorite designer and why? 

Hmm… my favorite designer… I don’t have a specific favorite designer… 

20)Maybe you have several? 

Yes, I have several… Once again, I love Marina’s collections, because they are classic pieces that last. Timeless with a certain edge to them at the same time.

21)If you had to pick one of the big names? 

Big names…Well, I am a great fan of Prada, I have to say, I like it because timeless has a certain edge to it. I love Dior as well.

22)Before or after John Galliano?

Also after.

23)What is your favorite style of clothing? Casual, Formal, Casual chic? 

It depends on where I am and on the situation. If I am in New Zealand I love to do this casual, beachy, fun look. My husband calls it my New Zealand style. And otherwise, I love sort of a city chick. At home, we are talking leggings and tops. These days I wear a shirt, especially in winter to feel a little dressed whilst working.

24) Now many people are increasingly supporting sustainable development in the fashion industry and not only. How would you define sustainability? 

For me, sustainability is not necessarily about buying sustainable brands. For me, sustainability is buying wisely. So if you do buy something it is something that you really do love, it is something that you will wear and it will last a long time. I think though it is a brand’s responsibility to think about sustainability these days.

25)Is the future of fashion is sustainability? and why? 

Definitely, it’s the only way to go. One day we’ll all be in some sort of uniform.

26)What is your favorite piece of clothing? 

My Red Dress from Marina. I love it! Sorry, now it’s the green velvet dress. If I only owned two dresses it would be these two.

27)Which bloggers do you find interesting and perhaps read yourself? 

Unfortunately, I don’t read that many blogs, I scroll through them. I get inspired by Instagrammers, I think Zoe Pastelle has a super beautiful Instagram. From a blog perspective, I scan through them, though there is one… she is my favorite blogger, it’s true, InTheFrow, she is fabulous, check her out!

28)What is your passion? 

My passion is fashion, travel, food, outdoor sports, art, cars, and my family… not in that order, of course!

29)What inspires you? And where do you find your inspiration? 

I used to find my inspiration in print magazines and watching people on the streets. Now I find my inspiration during fashion weeks. I recently realized these days I rely heavily on fashion weeks for the street style and shows…for me they are like a drug…fabulous! 

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