Women of Style


– What is your favorite place

Gstaad and Sevilla. Totally different!

– What is fashion for you?

Fashion is something that must never be blindly followed, but a reminder of passing time and the result of a million influences. It is also whimsical. I prefer individual style, each woman’s personal assemblage.

– Name a chic woman

A chic woman is not necessarily very beautiful, or very rich. But she is smart enough to be well-groomed and polished, and she only wears things that show off her best features. She’s clever with accessories too.

– What is an elegance to you?

Looking your best, effortlessly. Never look uncomfortable or “dressed up”. You own the clothes, they don’t own you.

– Hobbies?

Drawing and painting. A bit more than hobbies, I take years to complete anything!

What is your favorite painter?

Although I admire many artists, having studied Art History, my favorite is Henry de Toulouse Lautrec, his mastery of line and color and his sensuality still shine through.

– Music?

Jazz. On a desert island, Jazz of all ages. In case of sadness, Chet Baker.

– Animals?

I love cats but have always had dogs too.

– Favorite food?

A good platter of cheese, crisp baguette, and great wine.

– City or countryside?

I live in the country but miss the city, except when it’s very hot.

– Sea or mountain?

Mountain first but only with water to swim in: lake, river, pool. I’m a water baby!

– Sparkly or tonal?


– Muted or bright colors?


– Heels or flats?

Both. The only two things I won’t wear are white boots or miniskirts. There’s a time for everything, that’s all, folks!

-What is your favorite piece from the Marina Anouilh collection?

Isabelle velvet blazer in purple!