Maybe, to the skating rink?

Winter is here, and it’s only up to us to enjoy the cold! I’ve never been one for indulging in nostalgia…but somehow teenage/childhood memories are creeping into my wintery mood …Recollections of meeting my girlfriends at the skating rink….giggling …gliding together over the shiny surface…feeling like a princess in “Holiday on Ice,” convinced to be the most graceful …checking the surroundings … for a “cool” prince, when in fact the “dancing on ice” was probably rather clumsy, but what counted was how I felt! If you feel like me, here are some ideas, going back in time and reconnecting with those days…

Enjoy the free fresh air and the exercise!

Jeans will always be my favorites when it comes to feeling comfortable and free in your movements at all times! The Marina Caro Flare jeans are exactly what you need!

Or if you feel that you want to try out something more chic but just as comfy: Caroline Velvet pants in chocolate and black should be your choice for the occasion.

Rose Carmine prepared a wide selection of beautiful warm sweaters, tops, hoodies, and jackets! All are handmade and very cozy! They can become a great choice to wear on a skating rink! 

If you like denim, we have a great option! A Queen denim shirt is a fantastic piece: comfortable and stylish! We also have a King denim shirt which is more fitted. 

A woolen hat can only complete an already perfect outfit!

Thanks to Marina, who sourced the best there is! Pink Maharani, Mirror In The Sky, all are so colorful and cozy! Nobody can sail through winter without a selection of beautiful scarfs

Valerie Barral created a fantastic line of ponchos made out of incredible cashmere and in different colors. They are such a finishing touch for any outfit you might choose to glide over the ice!

Last but not least: the Yoruba jacket, a successful collaboration between Marina Anouilh and the Italian Carlo Tivioli. This incredible jacket has a relaxed though elegant silhouette that suits the diverse type of clothing, such as sportswear and classic. Choose your color, and you will not go unnoticed on the skating rink! 

And…Do not forget to protect your fingers from the cold!!! You can find beautiful and warm gloves in many colors in our collection! 

Yours sincerely,


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It’s getting cold outside

Every day it’s getting colder outside on the streets and we are slowly but surely approaching that time of year when we all need to get warm clothes out of our closets… We at Marina Anouilh Gstaad believe that even in winter it is possible and necessary to feel and look fantastic! And we will be happy to help you with this! Here’s a short selection of items that will not let you freeze this cold season!

The first and perhaps the most necessary thing in your winter wardrobe is of course a perfectly matched coat. Woolen, Lara Coat, Stefanie Coat, or Reversible, they all made of different materials, such as corduroy, or fur like our Eva and Jivago coats. Each of these coats will make you look irresistible!

Poncho is a versatile piece of clothing that will warm you up in this autumn-winter season. Valerie Barrial made her models from 100% cashmere, they will look perfect on any figure and will fit any look! Choose your color and enjoy the warmth.

Sometimes it is so difficult to find the perfect sweater…But not at Marina Anouilh Gstaad! Rose Carmine created a large collection of bright, warm, incredibly beautiful, and high-quality items which will fill your autumn and winter with colors!

Hats will come in handy when it’s raining or snowing outside. Choose your perfect hat or beret, combine different colors, and don’t forget that you can even find gloves in our stores.

Even though it’s getting colder outside, we at Marina Anouilh will not let you freeze!

With love,


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What to pack in your suitcase for a romantic get-away?

Traveling is always enjoyable and exciting! Especially when it comes to romantic get-aways! And usually, nothing can mess the mood up before the trip…except for packing. How many times have you postponed packing your bags at the last moment, hoping that someone would pack them for you? Well, we at Marina Anouilh Gstaad have the solution! We prepared a top of things that are suitable not only for a romantic but for any trip! Versatile, but chic and timeless at the same time!

The first thing to pack is, of course, jeans. They are relevant in any situation. You can combine them with any blouse and shirt., and wear them both for a day walk with your soulmate around the city and to a bar or restaurant in the evening!

A shirt is not just beautiful and comfortable, it is a unique piece of clothing. Choose oversize models, such as Marina and Catherine, or more fitted and feminine models such as Alexandra and Sophie. Combine them with jeans or skirts, add accessories, and don’t forget that at Marina Anouilh Gstaad is a wide range of shirts in different colors

Another treasure of our collection is Sophie velvet blouse. Colorful, incredibly soft, and beautiful, it will become the pearl of your vacation wardrobe! 

Sylvihna Jumpsuit is another wardrobe item that can be worn both during the day and in the evening, you just need to choose the right accessories and shoes

Even on vacation, in the evening, when the sun sets and the heat subsides, it can be chilly! There is always a Marrakech jacket for such cases. You can combine this jacket with both dresses and jeans, and its colorful embroidery will help complement your look. The jacket is so beautiful and comfortable that you won’t want to take it off for a second! 

There are many timeless items at Marina Anouilh Gstaad. We honestly think that our collection’s highlight is Marina’s dress. It can be an ideal item to go out. The dress is presented in different colors and textures, so everyone will find their perfect dress.

Don’t forget to add accessories! At Marina Anouilh, you can find a large selection of scarves, hats, and jewelry from different designers for any taste.

With love,


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Where and how did it all start?

Let’s go back in time… back to where my life as a little girl began! Being born and raised in Geneva, one might assume that my school-free days and holidays were filled with hiking in forests, playing with friends in the city parks, or tennis lessons.

All wrong answers! My mom, an eccentric, wonderful, and stylish greek lady, was an absolute fashion victim and utterly obsessed with TO KALO PNEVMA, meaning literally BONGENIE, the department store! On the phone for hours with her sister, she would discuss in detail all the items she had tried on, the ones she couldn’t live without, the pieces she wanted to purchase, and so on. Those were, of course, secret conversations not to be overheard by my father, who had no idea of her passion for fashion.

I think I spent most of my afternoons, vacations and days off watching her as she tried on dresses, pants, skirts, evening outfits, etc., while she discussed all the latest fashion trends with all her girlfriends. Of course, as the story goes, I ultimately rejected fashion trends and decided never to follow them, but instead, to train my eye and develop my taste!

So you can imagine how thrilled and honored I was when this BONGENIE Pop-up-idea came up!
Life does sometimes play funny tricks …..coming back to my home-town to the very same place, where my mother spent all her days… ..with my collection!!!!! That seems surreal!

“The circle is closed,” so the saying goes. After all, the seeds planted when I was a kid
are now ripe and full-grown! And almost naturally, I grew into becoming a Stylist and a Talent-scout for new and up-coming designers.

The idea of creating a cozy corner as a treasure box at the BONGENIE, filled with my latest discoveries, is a great new challenge: I do hope to be able to share with you during these three months a piece of my vision and atmosphere and to drag you into my universe! I’m confident that I will be up to it! And that you will enjoy it!

I will be happy to see you all on Friday, October 1st to December 31st for the corner opening!

Learn more about how and why I started my collection from our blog article “Why I Started My Own Collection.”

With love,


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