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Maison Tabbah
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Maison Tabbah

Welcome to Maison Tabbah, where the creation of bespoke jewelry goes beyond the ordinary, weaving a narrative that intertwines tradition, craftsmanship, and individual expression. Founded in 1862 and now in its fifth generation of family stewardship, Maison Tabbah has become a haven for those seeking something truly exceptional.

In a world where the distinction is the ultimate luxury, Maison Tabbah stands as a testament to the art of transforming abstract dreams into tangible masterpieces. The process begins with a profound understanding of clients, individuals who seek to differentiate themselves and express their unique creativity. Often well-versed in art, architecture, and fashion, clients turn to Maison Tabbah to create jewelry that mirrors the personalized spaces they inhabit.

At Maison Tabbah, the bespoke experience is not about adapting existing templates; it's about crafting entirely new creations from scratch. This meticulous process takes time, a luxury few can afford, and involves over 100 craftsmen and women who contribute their expertise to ensure that every piece is a work of art. Maison Tabbah prides itself on being one of the rare jewelry maisons where everything, from sourcing stones to fashioning designs and creating the final jewels, is done in-house.

The journey toward a bespoke creation at Maison Tabbah is akin to a collaborative screenplay, with the client playing the lead role. Through private consultations, the fifth-generation leader, Nagib Tabbah, delves deep into the client's needs and desires, transferring them into a unique representation. The fit of the final piece is approached with the same precision as an haute couture dress, ensuring that it resonates perfectly with the individual.

Once the sketch is finalized, the craftsmen take measurements to guarantee comfort and then create a wax model and silver prototype for the client to try on. Only after this meticulous process do they smelt the jewelry from gold and embellish it with stones, resulting in a piece that is not only visually stunning but also a perfect reflection of the wearer's essence.

The commitment to providing an unparalleled bespoke experience has attracted clients from various spheres, including the esteemed HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco. Princess Charlene collaborated with Maison Tabbah to create a necklace for her wedding to Prince Albert II, a piece that encapsulates the epitome of a sacred creative experience.

At Maison Tabbah, individuals are invited to explore the world of unique, personalized creations—where tradition meets innovation, and each piece tells a story as extraordinary as the individual who wears it. Join the ranks of those who seek to express their personal journey through the artistry that binds spirit and matter.

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Marina Anouilh

Marina Anouilh, Promenade 6A, 3780, Gstaad

Bongénie, 34 rue du marché, 1204 Geneva


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