Why hats are necessary for your wardrobe?


Did you know that hats appeared in ancient times when people felt the need to cover their heads from the sun? Over time and fashion trends have changed not only the shapes but also the purpose of this accessory. People realized, that by wearing a hat they not only protect themselves from external factors but also add a very beautiful accessory to their outfit today!

But there is a common opinion that hats do not suit everybody. That this is a kind of accessory that is hard to pick up right for yourself, because of individual face shape or preferences in style. This accessory may look just amazing on a mannequin, but, to your disappointment, when you put it on your head, it will seem completely unsuitable. You don’t need to worry about that!

I selected a great variety of hats from different designers and me personally so every woman will find her own ‘perfect match’ to wear, not depending on your age, your own style, or appearance! All hats are made universal, they have an untypical shape. This means they are a great addition to any outfit: casual, classic, even sport. 

But for those who are still not sure that the hat will suit you, there are simple techniques for choosing the right hat. You just need to pay attention to the proportions of your face: the larger the facial features, the wider the model’s margins should be in order to balance the proportions, the smaller the greater the choice of styles! Today, especially in everyday outfits, a slightly ironic attitude has taken root to these models – this is a bright addition to comfortable and practical outfits. The best answer to the question “why do they wear a hat?” gave none other than the great Mademoiselle Coco Chanel: “because only a hat turns a woman into a lady.”

Today not every one of us has an opportunity to travel. And wearing a hat, especially a straw one, will prolong the feeling of vacation and holidays even if they are over. Combine them with a T-shirt, a light jacket, and jeans or a dress, and feel you’re on vacation all year round!

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