Dear friends 

Would you believe me…if I told you….that not so long ago,…I was mainly dressed in beiges, 50 shades of grey, and so on.. to the extent that a close friend named a goat after me… As far as I can remember, my dress code was: jeans, white T-shirts, kaki vests …. and maybe on a beautiful summer day a tiny bit of turquoise was my revolutionary fashion statement. And of course Black Only for parties and events!

Maybe when growing older, colors take on a new meaning. The glow of and on our face is so fantastic when supported by a red blouse rather than a beige shirt. I don’t really know if it is my many travels, or this fantasy of Indian colors, or my hidden frustrated Hippy soul.

When I worked on the Sophie shirt in Fuchsia, I really did it thinking…. in these lonely and difficult times spending so much time by ourselves stuck in our homes…we might as well go crazy on the colors! And guess what: that’s the first shirt that sold out!

Every day when I step into the door of my shop in Gstaad, I’m still amazed and surprised by the beauty of my colorful world, and as the summer comes to an end, anything still left on the racks is in shades of beige and grey. So after all everybody sees the world just like I do? We need colors to lift us up, our face, and our spirit!

Jeans stay Jeans. There was never a better invention than this fabric and its blues…only velvet comes close! When dreaming up my Marrakesh vest with all those crazy colors… definitely inspired by the genius and regretted YSL…once they were delivered… I panicked thinking that they will never sell! But not only did they sell: The stronger colors sold out immediately!

The Annka cushions are all stunning, the Mandalau necklaces a dream, and what about the magnificent mix of colors of Loulou’s Jewellery ??? It’s all there to cheer us up!

With love


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