What is bohemian chic style?

How Gypsies became Art Deco ancestors

Even though bohemian chic style is very eclectic and combines many different elements, we would like to tell you in this article:

*where it originates from;

* why the boho chic cannot be limited by strict rules;

*and why boho style origins are not at all hippie culture and ethnic style in clothing.

The popularity of the boho style (from Boheme – “gypsy”) can only be compared with the eternal relevance of classics or casual style. The history of the boho style dates back to the XVII century. 

Then freedom-loving nomadic tribes of Gypsies settled in the European region called Bohemia, which began to be called Bohemians. Sophisticated Frenchmen compared the lifestyle of Gypsies with the life of artists – this is how the concept of “bohemia” appeared. Musicians, poets, and actors could afford more than the ancestral aristocracy. Their costumes and hairstyles were bold and chic, and their accessories were provocative.

The origins of the bohemian society’s ideology can be traced back to pre-Raphaelitism, which had a significant impact on the development of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. 

Jane Morris, a model and muse for artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti is fairly credited with inventing the boho clothing style. She rejected the corseted look of Victorian women in favor of loose-fitting dresses, which was a radical departure from the norm at the time.

In the XX century, the bohemian hangout style became popular among hippies, who excluded furs and leather from the boho wardrobe but brought denim, natural fabrics, and still relevant layering.

A successful rebirth

The rebirth of the boho occurred by the beginning of the new century. In 2000, the boho style featuring: long skirts, loose shirts, tunics, ethnic motifs, and decorations appeared in all prominent fashion designers’ collections. 

It got trendy again to be against all fashion rules and trends. 

Christophe Sauvat, with his outstanding knowledge of antique clothing and textile, was not an exception. By that moment, he had already had a successful experience with boho chic style as a co-founder and creator of “Antik Batik” in the early 1990-s.

But in the 2000-s, his passion for the boho style turned into his own brand, “Christophe Sauvat.” Hippies and pacifists’ evocative military jackets with plenty of embroidered patches, denim shirts with rivets and eagles, and jeans with patches of all kinds. Timeless pieces you can order any time at www.marinaanouilh.com

Bohemian Chic Style “Mix and Match” Forever

Bohemian chic is about rejecting popular trends, ignoring fashion canons, and not following the changing seasons. 

The basics of the style have remained the same for centuries and include floor-length skirts, vests and tank tops, cotton sundresses, and loose tunics. 

Shoes and accessories are usually eye-catching. Large bracelets, wide belts, long hoop earrings, and oversized sunglasses are standard. Mind that shoes and accessories are often the most expensive components of the outfit. Second-hand clothing is easily matched with expensive hand-made cowboy boots or elite jewelry, for example.

The boho style combines different cultures and subcultures, from gypsies to hippies and pacifists. It has become almost mainstream thanks to its popularity with famous designers and celebrities. It is characterized by relaxed, comfortable clothing with ethnic and military influences. Its popularity is due to its independence from fashion “dictatorship,” its endless possibilities, and timeless relevance.

As we already mentioned, it is often associated with hippies, ethnicities, gypsies, and denim. It is also characterized by its mix of loose and form-fitting silhouettes. 

Popular bohemian chic sets usually include skinny cropped jeans with a loose white T-shirt, a layered floor-length skirt, or an oversize shirt with short shorts. 

Fans of this style often choose things with oriental ornaments, traditional Paisley print, abstraction, fringe, and lacing. There are no specific color solutions for this style. Still, natural shades such as ivory, sand, caramel, terracotta, brown, milky, and white are often used.

The Gypsy roots of the style brings right sets based on red, green, blue, and fuchsia are among the favorites with many adherents of bohemian chic.

Accessories play a huge role in shaping the image of the boho style. “It” girls worldwide choose light tunics, denim tank tops, and slightly baggy trousers instead of many layers, flounces, and embroidery. Fashion critics claim that the most expensive elements in an authentic boho look should be the little things and details.

Long or hoop earrings, thin and large bracelets in several rows, large pendants and natural stones, and wide belts with rivets and ornaments are the “milestones” of the style’s DNA. 

Today, adherents of the bohemian style are not frivolous “Flower Power” hippies, but active public figures, adherents of eco–trends, and strict vegans. The wardrobe of representatives of bohemian chic is a set of natural fabrics and recycled materials.

Some well-known celebrities embody the boho style: Helena Bonham Carter, the Olsen sisters, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Johnny Depp.

Generally, the boho style is about freedom in choosing clothes and accessories. Still, it is also essential to maintain a balance between a bright, bold image and horrible taste. This is rather a way of life than a style, and it is the foundation on which most modern fashion trends with a vintage twist have been formed. For example, Asian street fashion trends such as the “mori girl” and “dolly kei” are based on the boho style.

Some fashion critics and fashionistas consider bohemian chic is being too convoluted, even otherworldly, and excessive. But all of them agree that it is enigmatic, provocative, and attractive at the same time with all its unpredictable combinations and the scent of adventures.

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More Than Ever – Stronger Together

Dearest friends!

I’ve been away from you for far too long, but here I am, as cheerful as always! Positive and looking ahead to a wonderful summer…

After having shared my free-flowing emotions, my thoughts, my feelings, my ups but also sometimes (very rarely!) my downs, during the 2 past years of the pandemic and now with guns being fired in not such distant places, I am here, lifting our spirits and keeping a smile on my face, hopefully putting one on yours!

And as always, I love to share my style choices for the season with you.

More than ever, We can and will be … STRONGER TOGETHER !!! That’s what I named my newly available luxurious Ballerinas, hand-stitched on tie-dyed soft Nappa leather… Pair them with the gorgeous Shiu Silk Dress Tiedye Marble Jade-blue-cream or hit it off … by wearing them under the Sylvinha Silk Jumpsuit …

Go Gipsy … and wild …with bangles! La Molla Gold Bracelets will do the job! Catch the summer vibe and glide into the Caro Capri ankle jeans …

Let us be kind to each other, and nothing can defeat us!

From Gstaad, with Love, as always

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It’s getting cold outside

Every day it’s getting colder outside on the streets and we are slowly but surely approaching that time of year when we all need to get warm clothes out of our closets… We at Marina Anouilh Gstaad believe that even in winter it is possible and necessary to feel and look fantastic! And we will be happy to help you with this! Here’s a short selection of items that will not let you freeze this cold season!

The first and perhaps the most necessary thing in your winter wardrobe is of course a perfectly matched coat. Woolen, Lara Coat, Stefanie Coat, or Reversible, they all made of different materials, such as corduroy, or fur like our Eva and Jivago coats. Each of these coats will make you look irresistible!

Poncho is a versatile piece of clothing that will warm you up in this autumn-winter season. Valerie Barrial made her models from 100% cashmere, they will look perfect on any figure and will fit any look! Choose your color and enjoy the warmth.

Sometimes it is so difficult to find the perfect sweater…But not at Marina Anouilh Gstaad! Rose Carmine created a large collection of bright, warm, incredibly beautiful, and high-quality items which will fill your autumn and winter with colors!

Hats will come in handy when it’s raining or snowing outside. Choose your perfect hat or beret, combine different colors, and don’t forget that you can even find gloves in our stores.

Even though it’s getting colder outside, we at Marina Anouilh will not let you freeze!

With love,


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Dear friends 

Would you believe me…if I told you….that not so long ago,…I was mainly dressed in beiges, 50 shades of grey, and so on.. to the extent that a close friend named a goat after me… As far as I can remember, my dress code was: jeans, white T-shirts, kaki vests …. and maybe on a beautiful summer day a tiny bit of turquoise was my revolutionary fashion statement. And of course Black Only for parties and events!

Maybe when growing older, colors take on a new meaning. The glow of and on our face is so fantastic when supported by a red blouse rather than a beige shirt. I don’t really know if it is my many travels, or this fantasy of Indian colors, or my hidden frustrated Hippy soul.

When I worked on the Sophie shirt in Fuchsia, I really did it thinking…. in these lonely and difficult times spending so much time by ourselves stuck in our homes…we might as well go crazy on the colors! And guess what: that’s the first shirt that sold out!

Every day when I step into the door of my shop in Gstaad, I’m still amazed and surprised by the beauty of my colorful world, and as the summer comes to an end, anything still left on the racks is in shades of beige and grey. So after all everybody sees the world just like I do? We need colors to lift us up, our face, and our spirit!

Jeans stay Jeans. There was never a better invention than this fabric and its blues…only velvet comes close! When dreaming up my Marrakesh vest with all those crazy colors… definitely inspired by the genius and regretted YSL…once they were delivered… I panicked thinking that they will never sell! But not only did they sell: The stronger colors sold out immediately!

The Annka cushions are all stunning, the Mandalau necklaces a dream, and what about the magnificent mix of colors of Loulou’s Jewellery ??? It’s all there to cheer us up!

With love


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My Signature Denim Jeans

It’s no secret – the denim industry is hard on the environment, whether it’s the use of water, the sourcing of cotton, or the bleaching of the denim. 

Still, I believe we are living in interesting times. There are many ways to reinvent key jeans to be consciously made and long-lasting. 

My work on this key wardrobe item has been a long process. And here it is: made from recycled fibers, with a slightly lengthened flare and an asymmetric finishing, its cut flatters our legs and elongates our silhouettes.

From day to night, wear it with a simple linen top and Greek sandals or a classic white shirt and opulent jewels. This signature pair of jeans might be your favorite denim item. Discover them here

With love,


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The Marrakesh Denim Jacket by Marina Anouilh

Let me take you to Morocco today. A few steps from the Jardin Majorelle, one can see the local life exploding into colour – deep blues, yellows, fuchsias and many more, all glowing through natural treasures, handmade textiles and objects. Can you feel it? And on the streets, the classic Moroccan jacket is practically a uniform.

This is what inspired me to create the Marrakesh woven-trim denim jacket. Truly unique, it is made from more than 30% recycled fibres. The product of more than two years of development, this complex item is the expression of impeccable artisan work from Morocco.

Straight cut, mandarin collar and colourful trimmings – treat yourself to this pure denim delight. Check out our different styles, including a linen versionhere

With love,


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White Shirts as Daily Uniforms

As a former symbol of class distinction, white shirts are nowadays considered a powerful hallmark of timeless style. We probably all have significant memories of wearing a favorite white shirt, don’t we?

When I started my brand MARINA ANOUILH GSTAAD with an initial line of white shirts, the first step was selecting the most appealing poplin fabrics. I chose to work with fabrics typically used for men’s shirts; it gives some hold to the item and a flattering structure to the silhouette.

Some bestsellers in the current range emphasize boyish accents, like ‘Marina’ with its oversize cut. Others, like ‘Sophie’, with its balloon sleeves, emphasize the feminine. The slim-fit ‘Alexandra’ suits silhouettes are willing to mark their waist, while ‘Catherine’ will serve all androgynous body shapes.

All are timeless — the ideal partner in your daily uniform. Whatever your current needs are, no doubt there’s a white shirt that’s perfect for you!

With love,


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Why I Started My Own Collection

Did you ever experience that too – this white shirt that looks promising but features an inadequate collar, or this dress too short for you? Eventually, 1 out of 100 of these items is our favorite. Sure, it can be frustrating – for our well-being as well as our precious time. The quest for the perfect item is time-consuming. 

I believe women need more “meaningful” clothing: timeless essentials they might wear for years, simple and elegant cuts that suit most body shapes, particularly white shirts… Soft leather materials are getting better when altering and of course, all of these key fabrics are made of qualitative sources, such as cotton, silk, and wool. 

So when I started my own brand, my vision was about designing the most elegant, thought-through, effortless wardrobe all kinds of women could dream of. And when your own friends are your best inspiration, wonders may come alive. The project came to appear as evidence; I just had to move out of my comfort zone and dare transform problems into solutions. 

Saying it was easy would be a lie. As I was coming from the interior design world and had less experience with fashion. I had to work a lot, try over and over again. We went through many ups and downs because this is what no one tells you about being an entrepreneur. Two years later, I’m beyond happy to hear clients and friends enjoying my designs. And I am thankful for having trusted myself and hold it on. 

I wish more women could embrace their own power, to create, dare, and manifest their dreams. Let’s live unique experiences together – current times are fascinating, aren’t they?

Yours sincerely,

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Discover the Iconic ‘Marina’ Dress

Imagine wearing a dress all day long, whatever the occasion. Marina’s cut, as feminine as it is timeless, is inspired by the most iconic films of the 20th century – think of Audrey Hepburn in the movie Roman Holiday, from 1953. Like a long, tailored button-front shirt, its skirt unfolds generously at the hips and the ¾ length sleeves may be effortlessly cropped. 

The Marina dress is an invitation to celebrate life and feminine beauty!
Since its launch, I’ve been thrilled to expand its material palette, from cotton to wool, linen, and corduroy.

It’s a pleasure to combine the subtle Marina dress with joyful colors, particularly in spring and summer. How about wearing the khaki linen style with a sleeveless black leather jacket? Or with a soft-knit cardigan on the shoulders? 

Simplify your life – say yes to the Marina dress

With love,


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