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Exclusive one of kind – Cashmere shawl kani weaving technique.

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The idea of time being linear loses its significance when you wrap one of these beau- ties called the Kani Jamawar around you, which takes at least one year to complete with two master weavers sitting side by side for eight hours.


A Kani Jamawar is definitely not just a shawl but a coming together of heritage, technique and opulence in a single, large and softest piece of fabric you will ever touch.


These shawls will adorn you and also your daughters and granddaughters who will carry on your heritage for years to come. A shawl meant for generations, blending time into the instance of memory of the most important moments of your life – one of the most exclusive shawl collections in the world redefining timeless luxury.

Product sold by Pink Maharani

Our weaving techniques have remained true to their roots by passing on the traditional wisdom since generations. We blend the old, timeless knowledge with the contemporary European aesthetics making every piece unique and timeless. Nothing less but the finest, handwoven artisanal shawls and stoles made of sustainable cashmere, silk, cotton and baby alpaca and for every shawl we sell, we support one child and countless artisans, started in 2014 in Geneva PINK MAHARANI carries the conviction that finest fashion, authentic impact and wisdom can be created by putting humans, animals and the environment first. Our scarves are like bridges which connects us as communities to pursue something bigger than ourselves