Inspired by a zest for life and the energy of Latin America, Caroline Hirt born in Brazil, founded REALTRUE in 2014 after a career change that left her looking for new meaning. Everything clicked when she stumbled upon a material virtually unknown outside of the Amazon River basin: Pirarucu Fish Leather. Believing in a new vision of luxury, one in which aesthetics are compatible with ethics, her collection is designed in Switzerland and its sleek minimalism reflects her philosophy of form follows material:the skins of the pirarucu fish, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, and a staple food of the region. All the bags are manufactured in a high-end Italian atelier that produces for some of the most renown European luxury houses.When you make a purchase at realtrue you support indigenous populations of the Amazon, who now have a steady source of income and are fighting to protect their surroundings from increasing pressures. Make a real, true statement about what you stand for. Stay real, be true.