Ingrid Incisa di Camerana grew up as a citizen of the world. Ingrid has always been passionate about fashion and footwear. Her biggest aspiration was to design a shoe she dreamed of but could not find. Her vision led her to create a shoe brand based on high quality, long-lasting design and perfection down to the last detail. Luxurious and seductive, the handcrafted pieces are made in Vigevano, Italy. Each pair of shoes is a piece of fine craftsmanship created by the hands of master shoemakers and seem more like exquisite jewelry pieces.
Her exclusive Couture Collections boast beautiful curves, magnificent colors and fine materials like Swarovski crystals, feathers and precious embellishments. Named after her closest friends, each pair exudes elegance, femininity, effortless glamour and authentic Italian style; qualities that describe Ingrid herself.