FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH TO THE WOMAN CITIZEN OF THE WORLD In ancient Semitic languages, “goral” means destiny and “ska” evokes femininity in Slavic languages. This is the meaning of the Maison Goralska, created and designed by Corinne Evens, for the woman of her time, who is facing the future: a woman who talently takes responsibility for her choices and life. La Maison Goralska, nomadic jewellery brand, wants to give women citizens of the world – the desire to travel, and to make sense of their actions. These journeys lead towards raw materials producing regions while respectfully considering original culture. Wearing Goralska jewels is to embody a story as well as a penchant for adventure. In line with its commitments, Goralska donates a portion of its profits to organizations working towards progress and the well-being for mankind.