La Gazza Ladra aka “Sunny Setton De Poortere,” Franco-American designer based in New York City,  is pleased to bring to you, fueled by countless travels and experiences from her nomadic childhood all the jewelry dreams, designs and poems that have been dancing in her head. Jewels and talismans that are made to be passed on for generations. The Gazza Ladra is a rare migrant Bird that creates timeless objects of beauty infused lavishly from ancient symbology and myths across cultures, the jewels vibrate with the twin energies of the sun and the sea.This magpie…is attracted to all shiny objects. The shiver of camel bells, gold coins with the face of an Egyptian Empress , the scent of jasmine trailing a desert caravan. The unblinking eye of Horus, the cliquety claquety of bangles on a lady’s wrist, the temples of Phoenicia, the rocks of Capadoccia, red coral from the Mediteranean sea, cool lapis, these are some of  the sources of Gazza Ladra’s inspiration.And gold, of course above all, shiny, yellow gold.