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Gstaad has fascinated and intrigued visitors for decades. In an exceptionnally beautiful surrounding, within an infinite ski resort, lies this charming village, almost a decor to a movie set. Traditional wooden cottages and above, the silhouette of a fairytale castle, « the Palace », epicenter of a joyfull and elegant jetset, once the home to Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Roger Moore, David Niven, and Audrey Hepburn. Down in the village the so called «Promenade» is the real meeting point of all « Gstaadois », where the hottest spot for shopping, is the «MARINA ANOUILH Concept Store» at number 6A exactly « I dreamed of a special place, more than just a store with nice things inside” she says... “Magic happened : people feel good here. They come to chat, drink tea, talk about their lives... and shop. It is a place for exchange and discovery, encounters of different cultures and styles, create multiple inspirations. My selection of fashions and accessories, range from the exceptional and timeless piece that you keep all your life, to the small and very affordable accessory. Definitely the original gift that you have been looking for !!!
Marina a natural greek beauty, when not in Gstaad, she travels the world from the plain of Uzbekistan to the islands of the Aegean Sea, visiting the Parisian showrooms and the Moroccan souks, perpetually sourcing new treasures. “I can only work with craftsmen, designer and artisans who inspire me. Very often they become close friends.”
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Marina’s choice

Probably because she lives in the middle of nature, Marina is inclined to choose brands that put people first. Pieces that convey unique, authentic and traditional know-how. Stories and colours emerging from different territories, a truly different approach to fashion where ,fabrics and objects that surround us carry real emotions. A commitment to a new idea of luxury.

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