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Big Sun

18-carat yellow gold chain and pendant - GAZZA LADRA -




half sun necklace

GAZZA LADRA - chain and pendent in gold 18 carat


migrant bird

GAZZA LADRA - Gold and diamond pendant with chain 


sun moon earrings

GAZZA LADRA - Moon and sun earring in 18ct gold and diamond


Eye sapphire earrings

GAZZA LADRA - shabby chic and cheerful earrings in gold and saph


respect necklace

GAZZA LADRA - Gold and enamel pendant with diamonds and rubies on chainette


hear earrings

Gazza Ladra - Pendant earrings in gold and diamonds


heart bracelet

Gazza Ladra - Gold bracelet 


Duality Small Wedding band Gold

CHF608.00 -20% CHF486.00

Duality Ring

CHF729.60 -20% CHF584.00

DUALITY Small Wedding Band Pavé

CHF1,995.60 -20% CHF1,596.00

DUALITY Ring PM full Pavé

CHF2,116.80 -20% CHF1,693.00


CHF595.20 -20% CHF476.00

DUALITY Bracelet PM full pavé

CHF838.80 -20% CHF671.00

DUALITY Small Earrings full pavé

CHF1,496.40 -20% CHF1,197.00

Small Earrings Gold Duality

CHF765.60 -20% CHF612.00

DUALITY Large Earrings Gold

CHF2,469.60 -20% CHF1,976.00

DUALITY Earrings GM full pavé

CHF8,323.20 -20% CHF6,659.00

FLAME full pavé sapphire & diamond

CHF2,239.20 -20% CHF1,791.00

FLAME full pavé black diamond open ring

CHF2,469.60 -20% CHF1,976.00

FLAME full pavé white diamand open ring

CHF5,037.60 -20% CHF4,030.00

Flame just gold earrings

CHF888.00 -20% CHF710.00

FLAME Full pavé white diamond earrings

CHF1,873.20 -20% CHF1,499.00

FLAME full pavé white diamond ear cuff earring

CHF5,281.20 -20% CHF4,225.00

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