Photo by Armin Grässl / www.myphotobutler.com


Some places are the witnesses of striking alchemy when it brings together nature and the passionate beings who have frequented them closer. The charismatic village of Gstaad is the proof of this; situated at an altitude of more than a thousand meters, great names from the world of cinema have walked through its narrow streets and ski slopes. Among them: Audrey Hepburn and Roger Moore. Today it continues to inspire and revitalize many talents and visitors from all over the world. Located in the south-western part of the Canton of Berne, in the fairytale setting that animates it, Gstaad has warmed the hearts of all – for generations.

When the eponymous concept store MARINA ANOUILH opened its doors in 2008, the founder turned the codes of style upside down. Initiated in decoration, she became sensitive to rare pieces and quality fabrics. In fashion, this predisposition is certainly a major asset, but today it is no longer enough. If Marina easily identifies emerging talents who will bring the singularity she is so much looking for, her philosophy remains unchanged: the respect for a human being. “The alignment of my values with those of the people who brought the object to life is essential to me”.

Seeing the expression of personality as a resource; a philosophy present throughout the full MARINA ANOUILH process, from purchase to sale.

Far from the bustle and hustle of luxury boutiques, the founder cultivates the mind and the way of being by proposing an intimate place, ideal for exchanges and significant encounters. This visionary approach, fully asserted, allows clients to mix authenticity with the pleasure of buying. Selling with the heart is the mission of the Marina team. No artifice, the offered pieces must perfectly suit their customers. Feeling luminous, feminine, fulfilled – this is how one could describe her main motivation.

The MARINA ANOUILH collections are like travel diaries, along with her destinations. Clothes, bags, jewelry, and many other accessories are presented exclusively. Sometimes limited in time, both physically, in the shop, and digitally. The selection is a subtle blend of these timeless items with their ever-changing details, as well as seasonal, colourful, and trendy pieces.

Among the treasures gathered for you, we count for example prints from the plains of Uzbekistan, and Moroccan woven leathers. A section of the wall converted into a workshop of style features fine jewelry from Parisian showrooms. Here and there, unique accessories, vintage pieces, collaborations creations. The latest arrival? A line of dresses called Marina, whose timeless cut is made to accompany you through the seasons.

Here, on the shopping street called “La Promenade”, at number 6A, you will find the MARINA ANOUILH concept store. Online, the platform now aims to showcase talented personalities as well as unique, rare pieces.

Its commitment: to reveal with ethics the feminine side of the woman who, if she not already is, could be her friend. With this promise to sublimate its customers over the seasons, the team takes you on a journey out of time… towards the best version of yourself.